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Dear Friend,

If you’re feeling the pain and sadness of having broken up with your man... if you’re desperate to get him back...

...then this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why.

You can win your boyfriend back. You can do it in as few as 7 days from today. And this system has been proven to work no matter how complicated your situation is.

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Look inside... this powerful 81-page eBook

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“How to Get Your Guy Back
in As Little As 7 Days:
A Foolproof Step-By-Step Guide”

By John Alexander

This course is divided into 4 parts:

Part 1 — Introduction to the System and the First Step

How I can help you. Your first order of business.

Part 2 — Relationship and Break-Up Myths, Mistakes and Successes

The Post-Mortem: Diagnosing what went wrong. Common mistakes women make after a break-up. What keeps a man interested in a relationship.

Part 3 — The “New You Keys”

Becoming the best person you can be. Reclaiming happiness. Becoming attractive to men (including your ex).

Part 4 — The Re-Connection Process

Putting everything into motion. Drawing your ex irresistibly back to you like a magnet. Keeping him once he’s back.

You will get this information completely privately and secretly; nothing gets mailed to you.

Instead you get everything in digital, easy-to-use PDF format that you privately download right now... it's totally confidential.

No one except you ever needs to know exactly how it was that you were able to get your man back so easily.

Here’s a glance at just some of the tested secrets you’ll discover in this powerful book...

  • The only communication you should dare have with your ex right now (or risk losing him forever). Here are the exact, don’t-make-me-think instructions that work on your ex no matter how bitter your breakup was. Page 7

  • Why he left you in the first place. There are 9 reasons a man will leave a woman. (Which one did your break-up fall under?) Find this out, and you’ve made a powerful breakthrough that will help you not only get your guy back but keep him back. Page 18-24

  • Is your ex-boyfriend dating some other woman now? Whether it’s one of his old flames or just some rebound girl, he’ll become more and more obsessed with you when you use these techniques. You’ll watch as he leaves his new girlfriend and comes crawling back to you. Page 71-72

  • How a man can say “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” one day and then break up with you the next. Discover exactly what’s going on in his head, so you can see right through the mixed signals. Page 25

  • Did you push your man away by being jealous, needy and insecure? Here’s a powerful psychological tactic you can use to reverse the damage and solve the problem forever. Page 57

  • Once and for all, after intense “real world” testing, how long you should wait after the breakup before contacting him. Page 11

How to Make Your Guy Love You Even More From Now On
When You Get Back Together...
So He Won’t Ever Want to Break Up Again!

  • A dirty little secret your ex hopes you never find out. Page 10

  • What a man really means when he says... “I’m not ready for a relationship” or “I just don’t feel the same as I used to.” Page 27

  • 3 super-simple techniques to make your ex hopelessly fantasize about sex with you. He’ll do whatever it takes — even marry you — to have you in his bed. Page 31-32

  • The truth about long-distance relationships. The right tactics to get your guy back can be tricky for these special situations, so make sure you don’t rush headlong into failure! Instead, use these powerful techniques that work time after time. Page 62

  • The critical weakness hardwired into your ex’s brain. Here’s what it is and how you can use it to your advantage. It will make him obsessed with seeing you again. Page 9

  • The single catastrophic mistake most women make after getting dumped. (Are you making it right now?) Page 12

  • The 6 simple words that, when the time is right, make it almost too easy to get him back into a committed relationship. Page 72

As you are reading this eBook... you are going to FINALLY find yourself saying...

“aah haa”

“so that’s how easily
it’s done”

“Why didn’t I read this book before? We probably would never have broken up in the first place...”

You Still Love Your Ex,
But All He Says Is...

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”

I know things are not so easy for you. You don’t understand your ex’s behavior or the things he says right now. You’re super confused and need a solution.

Look, let’s face it... none of the advice you’re getting from your friends is working, is it? And you know it’s not so simple to “just get over the break up” like everyone tells you to.

The Pain of Not Being With Him
Is Just Too Much

Well, hang on to your seat because there is now a revolutionary system you can use to make sure that your ex wants to be with you again... even if it was a bad break up.

Imagine if you could make it so wonderful to be with you that a man would do anything — even kneel down and ask you to marry him — to make sure he could keep you by his side.

The system you’re about to discover has been thoroughly field-tested, so I can promise you it will work for you. It’s based on innate and uncontrollable instincts in your ex, which is why this plan is the closest thing to foolproof you’ll ever find in this world.

The Secrets of Getting Your Boyfriend Back,
No Matter How Bad Things Look Right Now...

Even if He’s Met Another Woman!
  • It doesn’t even matter if he’s met someone else.

  • It doesn’t matter if the other woman is beautiful.

  • It doesn’t matter how smart she is, how fantastic her figure is, or how slender her body is.
This program will win your man back every time.

Let me tell you what happened with one woman named Anna... who came to me for relationship consulting... to help her get her boyfriend back, and stop all her pain.

“Please help me John, we were together for 3 years and this is extremely urgent” she said, barely able to not cry as she told me the story. She loved him and did not want everything to end.

We worked step by step on the system to excite any man’s automatic attraction triggers. I set out everything for Anna in an easy-to-follow step-by-step recipe.

Only one week after I started working with her... Anna’s ex sent her a text message telling her that he missed her. Anna called him back and they set a date for two days later.

  • It didn’t matter that during the break up he’d said he was “not ready for a relationship” and “not ready to commit”...

  • It didn’t matter that he’d led her on about being “friends”...

  • It didn’t matter that he’d started a rebound relationship.

When she triggered the psychological hot buttons, one by one, that awaken a man’s irresistible attraction, Anna’s ex couldn’t help but come crawling back to her.

You’ll Be Amazed When You See
How Well This Method Works

Won’t it be nice when your ex realizes what he’s lost and comes crawling back to you?

How happy will you be when he falls endlessly in love with you again?

How much of a difference will it make in your life when your guy cherishes you and constantly tells you how hot and sexy he thinks you are? (Not only is everything back to normal, but your relationship is better than it was before!)

I’d like you to imagine for a second that your ex-boyfriend calls you. He says, “Sorry about what’s been happening lately. I think about you night and day and want you back.”


I have every step of this process
down to an absolute science for you.

If you can read a road map you can get your man back...

it’s that simple
to follow.

The book contains absolutely everything that you needed to quickly have him back in a loving relationship.

The book doesn’t miss a thing.
It is clearly laid out for you just like
“The Yellow Brick Road”
in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

Remember the “Yellow Brick Road”?

It was simple, no surprises, nothing complicated...


all Dorothy had to do was


the yellow brick road
and she’d get to her destination!

She didn’t need to make any difficult decisions: just stay on the path provided for her!

Well, the complete system that I am about to teach you can be likened to the “yellow brick road”.

It isn’t difficult or obscure...
it’s BRIGHT YELLOW and lies...
RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU all the time...


follow the road

And the results are well worth
the tiny cost of the book

Can you picture the results?

Can you imagine how great that will be?

Can you?

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It only took a week...
I just want to thank you. Your method has changed my life. I was depressed and wasn’t really sure it would work for me. On top of that, I am always reluctant to buy things from the Internet. But it only took a week, just like you said! Now my bf is back with me, just as you advertised.

Amanda M., Arizona USA

My relationship had been over for quite some time, so I knew it would be a stretch to see if your instructions could help me. I got your course and immediately read it cover to cover. After two and a half weeks I was back with my boyfriend. I was shocked to see how well it worked! I can tell you that if it can work for me, it can work for anybody!

Sofia, New York, NY USA

“My boyfriend had been seeing me less and less. It was pretty clear he was pulling away from me. Well, I [##########] like you said to do, and that he night called me and left a voicemail saying he’d changed his mind and really wanted to give our relationship another try. I never imagined he would pursue me like that all of a sudden. I followed your instructions in part 4 to the letter and it worked like a charm. Everything was great. You gave me good advice.”

Jess, Charlotte, North Carolina USA

“My husband and I are back together and no longer separated. We still have a few issues to work out, but your book was a great help when I needed it most. My only regret is that I didn’t find this guide sooner. It would have saved me from 6 months of needless drama.”

Lindsey, Orange County, California

“The four months after I was dumped until I got your guide were the worst of my life. I was a strong, independent woman and yet I turned into mush over a man! You gave me back my power and I’m forever grateful for that. You’re right that getting back my boyfriend was just, in the end, a bonus. What I really got was my control and self-esteem back. I definitely recommend “How to Get a Guy Back” to any woman of any age.”

Rosa, Miami, Florida USA

I like that you didn’t give a bunch of psycho-babble, empty platitudes or abstractions about my "inner child" like a lot of other “get your ex back” books I’ve seen. I was NOT in the mood for that. Instead I can tell you’ve been in the trenches. I like that you’re practical and get to the point. I like that you lay everything out step by step.

My story had a happy ending -- I easily got back together with my boyfriend. And here’s where your course really shines, because I am using your rules for relationships and it’s going differently now. Without you, I would not have been able to handle the new relationship without panicking and losing it again.

Thank you for being an enormous help to me through the darkness. You literally saved my life.

Deborah, Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Hi John,
I am Jenny from Miami and I am 41 years old. I am telling you this maybe b/c you can have that in your record as a person for which your book works. I was trying to get in a male mind. I followed step by step what you said and it works. Your book is very real, an easy way to interpret things out."

You can be my next success story...

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So Will You Look Back on Your Relationship
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You can spend the rest of today moping around the house, being depressed and crying about not being in a relationship anymore...

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You can start right away (I mean as soon as a couple minutes from now) enjoying the pleasure of your ex-boyfriend automatically drawn to you like a moth to a flame... like bears to honey... like flies to a candy bar.

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You can have access to start the powerful methods in this book right now, even if it is 3 A.M.

I understand I am free to examine everything for a full 60 days
and if I’m not completely satisfied, I will receive a full refund of the purchase price — with no squabbles and no questions asked. I don’t even need to give a reason.

I also understand that as soon as I place my secure order, I will be given instant online access to all of the material so I can begin using this exclusive re-attraction method right away.

Best regards,
John Alexander
John Alexander

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  • Those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...
  • Those that WATCH Things Happen...
  • and Those that SAY "What Happened?"



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